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Wall Street’s Repeat Violations, Despite Repeated Promises

Many big Wall Street firms have settled fraud cases brought by the government with a promise to never violate the same law. But an analysis of Securities and Exchange Commission documents by The New York Times found that since 1996, there have been at least 51 repeat violations by those firms. Bank of America and Citigroup have each had six repeat violations, while Merrill Lynch and UBS have each had five.

God, I wish I could break the law with impunity as long as I (falsely) promised to never ever do it again. 


The New York Times today looked at 40 years of the American riot-control officer. In 1968, it was a simple uniform shirt. In 2011, it was Kevlar tactical body armor.  


Happy Thanksgiving from John & Yoko


Happy Thanksgiving from John & Yoko




Thanks. Giving.




Thanks. Giving.

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Children’s Encyclopedia of Knowledge - Book of Achievement, 1965


Burning Man 2011: Rites of Passage - Burn Night Timelapse (by Grant Kaye)

After the last rays of the sun paint the top of Old Razorback, night falls, and the timelapse shows the Man burning. Watch for the red flare just before the burn fireworks start. After the burn, I switched lenses to show a wider view of Black Rock City and this shot went until just before 4am when my batteries ran out.


Scott London captures burning man

The Secret History of Iraq’s Invisible War 

In the early years of the Iraq war, the U.S. military developed a technology so secret that soldiers would refuse to acknowledge its existence, and reporters mentioning the gear were promptly escorted out of the country. That equipment – a radio-frequency jammer – was upgraded several times, and eventually robbed the Iraq insurgency of its most potent weapon, the remote-controlled bomb. But the dark veil surrounding the jammers remained largely intact, even after the Pentagon bought more than 50,000 units at a cost of over $17 billion.

Recently, however, I received an unusual offer from ITT, the defense contractor which made the vast majority of those 50,000 jammers. Company executives were ready to discuss the jammer – its evolution, and its capabilities. They were finally able to retell the largely-hidden battles for the electromagnetic spectrum that raged, invisibly, as the insurgencies carried on. They were prepared to bring me into the R&D facility where company technicians were developing what could amount to the ultimate weapon of this electromagnetic war: a tool that offers the promise of not only jamming bombs, but finding them, interrupting GPS signals, eavesdropping on enemy communications, and disrupting drones, too. The first of the these machines begins field-testing next month.



First Drafts: Christo’s ‘Over the River’

Renowned for his epically scaled environmental art, Christo has draped the Reichstag in Berlin and Paris’ Pont Neuf in giant swaths of fabric, populated the inland valleys of California and Japan with thousands of umbrellas, and installed a maze of gates in Central Park. These projects have each attracted millions of visitors. Here he shares the sketches and preparatory drawings for “Over the River,” an ongoing project developed, like much of his art, with his late wife and collaborator, Jeanne-Claude.

Read more at The Atlantic

[Images: Simon Chaput/Andre Grossmann]

So cool.


If you’ve never taken a moment to browse the work of Gmunk (Bradley Munkowitz), now’s the time. His portfolio is an incredibly impressive exploration in the world of 3d, user interface, and motion graphics.

PEOPLES MOVEMENT: Making the US Economy ‘Scream’  


Exclusive: Over the past several decades, Republican methods for winning national power have come to resemble CIA techniques for destabilizing an enemy country — through the use of black propaganda, political skullduggery and economic disruptions. Now, heading toward Election 2012, the…

Javascript PC Emulator 


PC emulator written in Javascript that boots Linux.

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